Anyone can insert a Windows CD and run setup on your server.  The BNI staff is trained to use corporate methodologies and standards that are recognized in the industry as "Best Practices".  This ensures a smooth-running network and easy administration.  And it means your network configuration will be documented.  Our philosophy is that your network is a business asset that should not be dependent on consultants.  We want you to call us because we do a great job - not because we are the only people who know your passwords or have the only copy of your operating system CDs.

BulletInstalling and supporting Novell NetWare and Windows NT/2000/2003 & Linux networks

BulletDesigning and implementing remote access solutions using Terminal Server

BulletInstalling wireless networks

Proactive Support Package:

For tighter security and maximum UP time of your computer systems, sign up for our proactive support package which includes all the following services:

BulletServers: Monthly check-up to identify potential problems before they impact network availability

BulletPCs: Monthly check-up to ensure proper updates are applied and systems remain virus free

BulletRemote Equipment Monitoring: 24 x 7 monitoring of critical devices to maximize availability and avoid downtime

BulletInternet Usage: Logging to help track Internet use or abuse and to identify potential attacks from external sources