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Websites have become a business necessity but not all websites are truly business assets.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a simple web presence or a dynamic database-driven site. Do you want a scrolling marquee to advertise your newest product line? What about a secure area on your site for remote employee reporting and feedback? Would animation bring your site to life? How about custom photography and graphics? Could you use help with copywriting? Would you like to maintain your site yourself once it is created? We can offer all of these features and many others to give you a site you can point to with pride as well as one you can use to make your business grow.

We can also optimize your webpage’s location in major search engines using our knowledge of each engine’s unique preferences and ranking algorithms.

We also offer discount packages to small businesses who want to develop their initial web presence.  See our "Pricing Page" for details.


The right software enables your business to succeed. Let us help you find it.

We can assist you to select a software package that fits your needs or we can upgrade an existing package for you.

Sometimes software designed uniquely for you is the right choice. Do you need a completely new system or would you like to simply enhance an existing software product by adding some new features? Would a specialized database help you collect and report information for your latest project? Do you have two computer systems that don’t “talk” to one another? Perhaps a custom interface is the solution. Our experience in both programming and project management allows us to deliver custom design which is on target for your business.

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