About Us

The first computer in my life was an Apple which belonged to my parents.  It was one of those clunky numbers with a funky green glow emanating from its eye straining small screen.  Computers went on the back burner until I found myself taking business basic computer classes on green screen terminals at Nicholls State.  After graduating in 1984 with a marketing degree, I was hired by ComputerLand in sales.  Back then when we sold a computer, we would walk from the sales area to the back warehouse and put the computer together piece by piece. Once we built the computer, we delivered it to the client, set it up at their location and trained them. I thoroughly enjoyed working with hardware and the new Windows operating system, but most rewarding was interacting with clients and helping them get their business rolling.

After two years of working with ComputerLand, one of my corporate clients offered me a job. I started working at Lykes Brothers when they had 100 computers and no network or servers​.  Eight years later, we were supporting over 400 computers including those on ships around the world, 10 servers and a network spanning ​12​ floors in our building. It was a great time to jump on the PC/ Windows rocket as it took off.

After working in corporate IT for 10 years — setting up three different help desks and managing PC hardware, software, networking and phone systems — it was time to strike out on my own.  I created Beyond Networks to bring the corporate model to small businesses, to help them leverage their products and services at a cost that they can afford.  It’s been a great journey from clunky desktop models to the sleek handhelds we have now, but the most rewarding part of my work remains interacting with clients and keeping their businesses rolling.

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