Security: PCs, Servers, & Networks

How do you protect your company’s sensitive data?  The National Security Agency (NSA) estimates that an unprotected PC on the internet will be compromised within 20 minutes!  The current legal environment requires that you make a “best effort” to secure your client’s information and disclose any security breaches to them.  BNI made a commitment in 2003 to be on the leading edge of security for Microsoft and Novell networks.  We have the training and experience to protect your company’s assets so you can focus on your business goals.

  • Securing Windows PCs and Servers to current NSA and Homeland Security standards.

  • Securing wireless networks, ensuring compliance

  • 24 x 7 pro-active monitoring of your internet connections, servers and applications

  • Designing your backup and recovery disaster recovery strategy

Let BNI help Protect your Network!

Proactive Support 

For tighter security and maximum UP time of your computer systems, BNI recommends proactive support which includes the following services

  • Servers: Daily check-up to identify potential problems before they impact network availability

  • PCs: Weekly check-up to ensure proper updates are applied and systems remain virus free

  • Remote Equipment Monitoring: 24 x 7 monitoring of critical devices to maximize availability and avoid downtime

  • Web Protection: Logging in to help track internet use or abuse to identify potential attacks from external sources

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning (Printers, Phones, Fish Tanks, or Anything with and IP address!)

    • Informs of how vulnerability of network
    • Identifies vulnerability of network
    • Apply solutions to vulnerabilities
Security Awareness Training

Let BNI help Protect your Network!