Purchase Counseling: Installations & More

Purchase Counseling

BNI is not a hardware vendor or reseller. We partner with trusted industry leaders to obtain products and services, looking for the best deal on quality equipment for our clients. We leverage the purchasing power of our small business clients to get better pricing and support.  Once we have received your approval on a quote, we place the order and track the shipment for you.


Our company will spent substantial time learning and researching about your business’ needs before submitting a proposal.  We are not tied to any vendor, so we can recommend the right solution for your business.  We deliver knowledge and firsthand experience with current technology as part of our product.

Project Management

BNI can mange your IT projects from start to finish.  We discuss the needs of your business, recommend solutions and give estimates. Once an estimate is approved, we proceed with the project, and keep you updated regularly on our progress.  Should unforeseen issues arise, we acquire your approval before proceeding further.  Our clients are only charged for the hours spent actually working on the project.  Our company is trained in “change management” and can assist you in easing the transition to new systems and minimize employees resistance to change.

Purchase Counseling