BNI staff is trained to work with clients to build a secure network.  We use corporate-level methodologies and “best practices” to ensure high functionality and protection of your system.
Is your office growing and is there a need to centralize your data?  BNI staff can perform an in-depth assessment to provide a customized server solution for your business using physical server or cloud solution.
Does your business already have servers in place?  BNI can do an detailed assessment to ensure servers are properly configured and secure. We can work with your staff to organize data to best serve your business, and provide secure remote access for remote employees. BNI utilizes tools to pro-actively monitor server and network performance to avoid costly downtime.
Pam working on a Server

Server Operations

  • Assess your current data sharing requirements

  • Recommend physical, virtual and / or cloud based solutions.

  • Implement secure remote access to company data

  • Implement a plan going forward for upgrades and lifecycle

  • Daily operations of servers, including maintenance and updates


  • Assist in assessing your data’s importance to your business

  • Determine the best backup solution for your backup needs

  • Implement the backup solution using local and off-site storage


  • Assess potential cost savings of virtualizing your servers

  • Design and configure the best hardware solution

  • Install, configure and maintain the virtual environment

Proactive Support

To ensure consistent, secure access to company data, BNI recommends

  • Servers: Daily check-up to identify potential problems before they impact network availability

  • PCs: Weekly check-up to ensure proper updates are applied and systems remain virus free

  • Remote Equipment Monitoring: 24 x 7 monitoring and alert notices of critical devices avoid downtime

  • Internet Usage: Logging to help track Internet use or abuse and to identify potential attacks from external sources