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Angelo Brocato’s:
A Family Tradition

Angelo Brocato® Original Italian Ice Cream Parlor has been operated by the Brocato family in New Orleans, Louisiana for over one hundred years, but our history is steeped in the Sicilian traditions that could be found in the capital city of Palermo at the end of the 19th century. Along with his brother Giuseppi, our grandfather, Angelo, began his apprenticeship in one of the city’s most elegant ice cream parlors at 12 years old. Through shuffling ice and salt to master chefs and choosing the ripest and finest fruits for producing granita, he learned the special recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. As the Mediterranean fall turned to winter, all production efforts turned to baking and candy-making. During these cold seasons, young Angelo began to master the production of assorted biscottitorronefrutta Marturana (marzipan) and many other confections. Most importantly, he learned the necessary techniques to manufacture the famed cannoli Siciliana; these techniques and recipes are still used today in our North Carrollton shop.