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The Krewe of Orpheus derives its name from the mortal Orpheus, son of the god Apollo and the muse Calliope. The story of Orpheus illustrates the power of music in both this world and the next. Legend is that Apollo presented Orpheus with a lyre, which he played with perfection. The music of Orpheus was so beautiful that wild animals ceased their hunting, mountains bowed, seas stopped spraying and trees bent near to listen when he sang. His music was celebrated and cherished by all who heard it. His melodies inspired the noblest love. When Orpheus sang every heart was opened.

Orpheus accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on their adventures. During one voyage a storm arose, and Orpheus began to play his lyre. Immediately, the sea calmed and the storm ended. When his fellow sailors were bewitched by the enchanted song of the Sirens, Orpheus took up his lyre and began to sing. The Sirens’ song lost all its power, and the women were changed into rocks. However, Orpheus‘ greatest feat involved his beautiful wife, Eurydice. Click below to read more…